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Regular System of Inspections

For all forms of local governments in BC, the provision of firefighting services is optional.  It is different for the provision of fire prevention inspections, which is required for municipalities but optional for all other forms of local government.  That being said, all forms of local government can benefit from reviewing this discussion paper.

The terms “regular,” “system,” and “inspection” and the phrase “regular system of inspection” are not defined in the Fire Services Act.  Many municipalities are unsure how to devise an acceptable regular system of inspection or how to enforce a law or regulation relating to a matter under the FSA.  There has been little guidance available to assist them.

This document will assist any form of local government that is required or chooses to undertake fire prevention inspections.

This document will suggest a risk management approach, while also giving consideration to a local government’s available resources, as a means of determining a regular system of inspection of public buildings.  It will also provide examples of possible systems to “jump start” a local government’s brain storming session to devise its regular system of inspection.

Guide - Regular System of Inspections

Effective: October 14, 2014 

Effective this date the “Structure Firefighters Competency and Training Playbook” is established as the new Minimum Fire Training Standard for the Province of British Columbia, pursuant to section 3 of the Fire Services Act.  This replaces the training standard that was previously established on January 1, 2003. 

This new standard sets out the requirements to be met based upon the service level identified by the Authority Having Jurisdiction for the provision of fire services in each community.  The standard references competencies drawn from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards.

Fire departments and AHJ’s should refer to the “Playbook” to determine the specific requirements for their community.  Questions and clarifications can be directed to the Office of the Fire Commissioner and/or the B.C. Fire Training Officers Association for assistance.

The “Playbook” is intended to be a ‘living document’ that will be reviewed and updated periodically.  Input or suggestions from the fire service and AHJ’s is welcome.  In addition, frequently asked questions will also be addressed in a “Question & Answer” type document that will be posted on the OFC website.

Gordon Anderson
Fire Commissioner
Province of British Columbia

Playbook Question and Answers


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