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Emergency Management BC protects and improves public safety in B.C. by providing advisories of active emergencies, disaster readiness and recovery, fire safety and death investigation.

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Disaster readiness and recovery information in BC communities   Fire safety and fire prevention information   Death investigation and public safety information

Organization Within Government

Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) is the coordinating agency for the provincial government’s emergency management activities. EMBC provides executive coordination, strategic planning and multi-agency facilitation and continually develops effective working relationships in an increasingly complex emergency management environment. The overall purpose of EMBC is to increase life, safety and resiliency for individuals and communities throughout British Columbia.

EMBC aims to reduce the consequences of emergency events by providing support and leadership to local authorities. EMBC houses the BC Coroners Service and the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

EMBC has its headquarters in Victoria and incorporates six regional offices in Surrey, Kamloops, Nelson, Terrace, Prince George and Victoria. See the approximate boundaries of the regions on a map of British Columbia.

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals Statements

Mission:   Emergency Management British Columbia enhances public safety through leadership and collaboration with all levels of government, communities, stakeholders and individuals.

Vision:   Ensure public safety and save lives through excellence in emergency management leadership.

  • Courage:  Biased towards action, innovation, and thoughtful risk taking in the face of uncertainty.
  • Teamwork:  Earning and demonstrating trust while working with others towards shared goals.
  • Passion:  Taking pride in our work to improve public safety.
  • Service:  Providing world class public safety services to British Columbians by working collaboratively with all partners.
  • Accountability:  Staying proactive, setting clear goals, and taking responsibility for decisions.
  • Curiosity:  Constantly innovating, learning from others, and learning from both successes and failures.


  • Goal 1 - Increased safety and resilience for individuals and communities
  • Goal 2 - Enhance cross-government and stakeholder coordination
  • Goal 3 - Build internal capacity
  • Goal 4 - Enhance British Columbia’s ability to manage large scale and catastrophic events

EMBC 2012-2015 Strategic Plan