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Limited Permission to Reproduce and Distribute
Please read the general permission information below.

EMBC Electronic Documents on the Web Site
A large number of plans, brochures and other documents may be downloaded from the EMBC Web site. They are grouped under the subject area (menu at left).

NEW documents are featured on the Home Page for several weeks so you won't miss them.

EMBC Printed Documents
Several of EMBC's public information and preparedness brochures and handouts are freely distributed to those who wish them. Supplies are routinely distributed to EMBC Regional Offices and British Columbia Municipal Emergency Program Coordinators (check the blue pages of your local telephone directory). If you are not able to obtain copies from those sources in your community, feel free to phone, fax, or write any EMBC Office and copies will be mailed to you if they are in stock.

Limited Permission to Reproduce and Distribute
EMBC Publications

Permission is hereby granted to copy or otherwise reproduce electronic or printed EMBC publications as is, for the purpose of public awareness or for educational use. Permission is hereby granted to create an internet link to the electronic versions of documents of the EMBC Web site, from government, educational, and other Web sites provided that the target link is clearly identified as "Emergency Management BC (EMBC)".

Permission is NOT granted to modify any EMBC document (electronic or printed) for use by another person or organization unless explicit permission to do so has been obtained from the Director of EMBC.

No document originated by EMBC may be sold under any circumstances.

Permission is NOT granted to place a copy of the electronic version of any EMBC-originated Web page or document on another Web site. These are Copyright and are owned by the Government of British Columbia whether so stated or not, under Canadian Copyright Law. Under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (828 U.N.T.S. 221, S. Treaty Doc. No. 99-27) most countries have agreed to respect the Copyright Law in force in the country of origin of a printed or electronic publication.

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