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Severe Storms
To be safer and better prepared for a severe thunderstorm, lightning, heavy rain, hail, or a tornado, follow these tips.

Storm Surges
A storm surge, or abnormal rise in water level, often accompanies a very intense winter storm or high winds. This booklet will help you prepare for storm surges and coastal flooding.

Winter Power Failures
Following these suggestions can reduce the harmful effects of power and heating failures in cold weather.

Winter Driving
Tips to be safer and better prepared for driving in snow, freezing rain, winds and ice.

Get in the Know, Learn about Snow
Tips on how to be better prepared for outdoor winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding or backcountry hiking.

To report severe weather conditions like funnel clouds, waterspouts, freezing rain, very strong winds, heavy snowfalls, severe lightning and large hail, phone Environment Canada's Pacific Weather Centre at 1-800-66STORM (1-800-667-8676).

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