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Provincial Planning

The B.C. Earthquake Immediate Response Plan (IRP)

The B.C. Earthquake Immediate Response Plan is a routinely updated provincial earthquake operational plan that details the initial actions to be undertaken by EMBC following a catastrophic earthquake.

  • The plan provides an overview of the roles, responsibilities and co-ordinated approach to response activities by Emergency Management BC and its partners, including other ministries and levels of government, First Nations, agencies and non-government organizations, as well as infrastructure owners.
  • Areas of focus include logistics, critical infrastructure, Emergency Social Services and mass care, volunteer co-ordination and strategic communications.
  • In addition, several annexes provide further detail on areas such as the earthquake hazard, Provincial Declaration of Emergency, requests for assistance, telecommunication procedures, critical resources, strategic and public messages, and critical information requirements. This plan is intended for continual updating.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan consists of three forms of document: All-Hazard Plan, Support Annexes and Hazard Specific Annexes.

  • All-Hazard Plan: The BC All-Hazard Plan outlines the provincial concept of operations as well as the roles and responsibilities that are applicable in all emergencies or disasters.
  • Support Annexes: The Support Annexes are all-hazard documents that detail functional aspects of emergency management, such as Public Information or Public Health and Medical Services.
  • Hazard Specific Annexes: The Hazard Specific Annexes address provincial response and coordination regarding more common or high-risk hazards.

All Hazard Plan

Support Annexes:

Hazard Specific Annexes:

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