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Provincial Planning

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)
Ministry Plans and Resources
Province of Alberta and Federal Plans
Hazard Preparedness

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan consists of three forms of document: All-Hazard Plan, Support Annexes and Hazard Specific Annexes.

  • All-Hazard Plan: The BC All-Hazard Plan outlines the provincial concept of operations as well as the roles and responsibilities that are applicable in all emergencies or disasters.
  • Support Annexes: The Support Annexes are all-hazard documents that detail functional aspects of emergency management, such as Public Information or Public Health and Medical Services.
  • Hazard Specific Annexes: The Hazard Specific Annexes address provincial response and coordination regarding more common or high-risk hazards.

All Hazard Plan [PDF]
Support Annexes:
    - Health and Medical Services Annex [PDF]
    - PECC/PREOC Deployment Support Annex [PDF]
    - Public Information Annex [PDF]
    - Financial Management Support Annex [PDF]
Hazard Specific Annexes:
    - BC Flood Response Plan [PDF]
    - BC Provincial Coordination Plan for Wildland Urban Interface Fires
BC Pandemic Influenza Consequence Management Plan Fall 2009 Edition [PDF]
British Columbia Earthquake Response Plan
2008 Edition
British Columbia Tsunami Notification Process Plan
2013 Edition
Foreign Animal Disease Emergency Support (FADES) Plan for British Columbia 2012 Edition [PDF]

Ministry Plans and Resources

Ministry of Agriculture Emergency Planning
Ministry of Environment BC Oil Spill Prevention and Preparedness Strategy
Ministry of Environment Marine BC Oil Spill Response Plan
Ministry of Environment Inland BC Oil Spill Response Plan
Ministry of Environment BC Drought Response Plan
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Dam Safety
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Wildfire Management Branch
Ministry of Health BC Pandemic Influenza Response Plan
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Disaster Response Routes
BC Coroner’s Service Mass Fatality Response Plan

Province of Alberta and Federal Plans

Federal Emergency Response Plan
Province of Alberta Earthquake Response Plan for BC
(Currently under review)

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