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    Guide to Protecting Your Family and Home
This guide will give you and your family the basics for preparing for flooding in your area, including tips on how to minimize damage to your property, what to do if you need to evacuate as well as how to best protect yourself when you return home.
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  • Flooding: Am I in a Risk Area?
    General Information on conditions that may lead to flooding in B.C.
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  • Sandbagging
    Instructions on how to build a sandbag dyke to protect your property from flood waters.
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  • Links to other sites with related information:

    Ministry of Transportation: Disaster Response Routes
    A network of roads are identified that can best move emergency services and supplies to where they are needed in the event of a major disaster. Public awareness and cooperation is necessary to keep these Disaster Response Routes clear following an earthquake or other disaster in the interest of saving lives and protecting property.

    Ministry of Environment: Integrated Flood Hazard Management Home Page
    Everything you need to predict flooding, from the Water Management experts at the Ministry of Environment; who does what, and how it is done.

    Ministry of Health: Flooding and Your Health
    Detailed health information on how to protect yourself and your family from illness in flood situations.

    Ministry of Health: Environmental Health, Drinking Water Protection
    General information on how drinking water is managed in B.C. — the surveillance and monitoring of drinking water systems; the enforcement of the Drinking Water Protection Act, the Drinking Water Protection Regulation and the Health Act; and interventions that minimize health and safety hazards.

    Ministry of Health: Boil Water Advisories
    Listen for news reports to learn whether the water supply is safe to drink. Your local Health Authority will release Boil Water Advisories as necessary. Find your local Health Authority at www.healthservices.gov.bc.ca/socsec/index.html You may want to read “How to Disinfect Drinking Water” found in the B.C. Health Guide, posted at: http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthfiles/hfile49b.stm

    Agriculture Sector: Flood Precautions and Personal Preparedness
    The information provides general tips for consideration to help B.C.'s agriculture sector prepare for and deal with the perils of a flood.

    Public Safety Canada: Is Your Family Prepared?
    For a major emergency – like a blackout or severe storm – you need to be prepared. Ready for at least 72 hours while emergency workers help those in urgent need. For a major emergency – like a flood – you need to be prepared. Are you Ready for at least 72 hours while emergency workers help those in urgent need?

    Public Safety Canada: Floods
    A heavy rainfall can result in flooding, particularly when the ground is still frozen or already saturated from previous storms. Floods may also result if heavy rain coincides with the spring thaw. This information will help you prepare for flooding in risk areas.

    Public Safety Canada: Storm Surges
    A storm surge, or abnormal rise in water level, often accompanies a very intense winter storm or high winds. This information will help you prepare for storm surges and coastal flooding.

    First Nations Emergency Services Society
    FNESS assists First Nations in developing and sustaining safer and healthier communities through various programs and services.

    Protect your household equipment from a flood: tips for those who live in areas subject to flooding.

    BC Hydro
    Information for homeowners regarding your personal safety, and your home’s electrical safety when you experience a flood.

    B.C. Safety Authority
    Home safety in flood situations: Protect your gas and electrical appliances and systems.

    St. John Ambulance, Canada: Health and Safety Training
    No matter what you do, it pays to have first aid skills-because you can't learn it in an emergency. St. John Ambulance is Canada's leader in first aid training and products.

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