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Current Flood Situation ReportCurrent Flood Situation Report
For updates on EMBC's action in support of flood control efforts and flood response.

Watch the Video:
Flood Proofing Your Home / Sandbag Tips


Flood Watch Notifications and Current Forecasts
Links to Federal and B.C. Government websites that monitor weather conditions and river levels.

Personal Flood Preparedness and Prevention
Fact sheets, guides and links to other resources with related information.

Flood Recovery and Financial Assistance
Information, guides and forms

The Flood Protection Program
The Flood Protection Program assists local governments and communities with funding for flood protection works across BC.

Fraser River Sediment Management Program
Background information, reports, surveys and links with related information.

Stages of Evacuation
Descriptions of the levels of evacuation and tips to help you and your family prepare

Emergency Social Services
If you are ordered to evacuate, ESS may be able to help you get food, lodging and clothing for about three days. Read more on the ESS website


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