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When British Columbia has declared an event eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA), the DFA program can provide financial assistance to restore uninsurable private property and/or public infrastructure damaged in the disaster. Recommendations for DFA are made to Emergency Management BC by local authorities. Citizens are directed to contact their local authority if they have been impacted by a disaster or emergency event.

To be eligible for assistance, the damage must be from an event which is uninsurable including overland flooding and groundwater seepage. Insurable damages, such as sewer or sump pit back-up, water entry from above ground including roofs, windows or other areas of the building that are not at ground level, are not eligible for DFA. Snow load, wind, fire and earthquake damage are also insurable and therefore not eligible for assistance. Damages from certain landslides may be eligible, provided it can be shown that the landslide is the direct result of heavy rainfall or other sudden catastrophic event, and not caused by pre-existing slope instability. Read Summary of DFA Program for a summary of what applicants should be aware of before applying for assistance.

Disaster Events Currently Declared Eligible for Assistance
Those impacted by the following recent disaster or emergency
event(s) may be eligible to apply for disaster financial assistance.

Type or Event: Overland Flooding

Date of Event: June 30 to July 1, 2015

Geographic Area (subject to change): Kamloops

90 day deadline for applications: September 29, 2015

For further information on Disaster Financial Assistance call toll-free 1-888-257-4777

Application Forms and General Information:

General Public / Private Sector
(Home Owner, Residential Tenant, Small Business Owner, Farm Owner, Charitable Organization)

Local Government

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