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British Columbia Emergency Response Management System (BCERMS)

In 2000 the Province of British Columbia emergency management structure developed and adopted BCERMS (British Columbia Emergency Response Management System). The BCERMS is an inclusive emergency management system that aligns the emergency management community through a single structure to facilitate effective management of emergency incidents within the Province.

BCERMS is recognized as a standard system for emergency response, and currently mandated for use within the provincial government and recommended to local authorities. The BCERMS 2000 Interim Document is currently being updated collectively by emergency management stakeholders from across the province to reflect organizational changes, operational experience and various shifts or advancements in the field of emergency management. The revision will provide guidance to local authorities, agencies, and others on the most widely accepted and tested emergency response coordination practices used in the province. Some jurisdictions may choose other emergency management systems and structures but are encouraged to have a knowledge of BCERMS in order to make use of the training, exercise and mutual aid opportunities that are inherent in a common system. BCERMS documents will be subject to continuous revision as the field of emergency management matures.

An Overview of BCERMS and the Provincial Emergency Management Structure

This presentation describes the BCERMS structure as well as the roles and responsibilities of the Local Authority Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), the Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre (PREOC) and the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre (PECC).

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